The Humble Beginning Post

As a socially anxious individual, first impressions are more than a little daunting for me. Being that this is the first post on my blog, there’s a good chance that this is your first impression of me by way of my writing. So first, let me say howdy, *extends hand and gives a wimpy but assertive handshake*. My legit name is Mary Sukala but from here on out you are free to call me Mae. It’s been my nickname for the past few years (originally my nickname was Mar but that’s so cliche, and as a writer I have been trained to steer clear of the cliche). Welcome to my plot of the interwebs, my chunk of the blogosphere, my humble wall of ramblings and tangents.

Being that this is the first time we’ve bumped into each other, you probably don’t know a whole lot about me. Because I am obsessed with lists, here are an indefinite number of facts about me bedazzled with fancy bullet points.

  • Let’s start with the basics. I am a twenty year old freelance writer, artist, singer, and chronic daydreamer.
  • I am an empath, which basically means that I feel other people’s feelings as if they were my own; being an emotional sponge is draining but it also gives me a unique insight into how to help people, and helping people is one of my favorite things.
  • I am a triplet and therefore have spent my whole life toiling tirelessly to be my own person and make my own identity outside of being “one of the trips.”
  • I am 4″11.75′ and proud of every quarter inch.
  • I am totally too ambitious for my own good, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • I tend to say things without thinking them through and then come off like a total ditz.
  • Speaking of saying things, I won multiple awards for public speaking in high school but I have always detested public speaking because deep down I am a masochist (actually I’m just a firm believer in feeling the fear and doing it anyway, but I’m a self-deprecation junkie so there’s that).
  • Also I love juxtaposing slang with big words, that’s just how I roll.
  • I have a fear of falling asleep
  • I have a fear of getting hit by a train
  • I have a fear of being one minute late for a bus.
  • I have a fear of cutting people off in traffic.
  • I have a fear of not living up to my potential.
  • Basically I’m a scaredy cat
  • I’ve been through multiple hospitalizations for mental health yuck, battled an eating disorder for almost half my life, and survived a great deal of trauma. But I believe that our experiences don’t define us, they shape us, and I’m in the process of rising above.
  • I have been featured on the front page of The Mighty and been published on xoJane, Thought Catalog, along with interning for Anxiety in Teens last year. I’ve also been a staff writer for the music reviews site Listen on Repeat for a little over a year. I got to interview one of my favorite indie rock groups, Citizen Zero, which was the highlight of my writing career thus far.
  • I haven’t bought clothes at full price for years. My happy places are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Ross Dress for Less, Gabriel Brothers, and the clearance rack.
  • I recently accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior (actually it was more like he plopped down beside me, gave me a major hug when I was at an all time low, and left me with no choice but to accept his abounding, unconditional love. But I’ll write more about that in a future post). Gotta say, on the whole being a Christian thing, 10/10 would recommend.
  • I love making new friends and talking to people and sharing my world, so I am super stoked to be starting this blog.

If you made it to the end of the list, congrats! Here’s a link to a live stream of kittens being kittens for your viewing pleasure : Enjoi, new friend! As for what you can expect for the content of this blog, I’ll be posting on Christian living, self-improvement and self-care, style on a budget, healthy eating, journaling, art, music, poetry, my life, and more. You’ll get to know me, but I also want to get to know you. I want this blog to be a place where real connections are forged. So don’t be shy, feel free to drop a comment, even if it’s just saying “hi” and posting a little bit about yourself and a link to your own blog. If you took the time to read my work, I’d love to return the favor.

Hope you have a good weekend! Check back soon, because I plan to post very frequently.


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